Wednesday , April 24 2024

Fabulous Collection Of Drone Aerial Shots Taken Around The World

This person spent two years shooting aerial shots around the world using a drone camera. Here are a few of the best ones.

“Church on Spilled blood, St. Petersburg. In the early days (2013) you could fly drones pretty well anywhere.”

“The Hermitage Pavilion, St. Petersburg in autumn mist. I can’t see what the camera is seeing. People find that weird but I quite like the suspense of not knowing what I have until I get the camera in hand.”

“Visitors walk on fallen leaves in the Summer Garden, central St. Petersburg’s oldest Park.”

“The neatly arranged suburbs around Sagrada Familia. Octagonal city blocks allow for the light, spacious street corners which make al fresco beer & tapas in the town such a delight.”

“Russia’s candy-cane capital.”

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