Friday , April 19 2024

These Seven Life Experiences Help Define Who You Are

Graduation, first pay cheque, marriage, loss of a loved one, heartbreak, success, birth of a child are some of the life changing events. While some have the power to make us feel on the top of the world, others break us apart. No matter how they make us feel, they do define us and our future lives.

1. Your graduation.

Well, they are full of wisdom which is mostly forgettable and a lot is clichéd- Dream big! Follow your passion!. But they are certainly memorable, with those black robes and graduation caps when we feel on the top of the world. Our hearts filled with the pride of finishing a major chapter of our lives as well as grief of parting with our childhood besties, this day certainly marks the end of a beautiful era and our entry into the real world.

2. Your first pay cheque.

How many of us remember how we spent our first pay cheque? I am sure every one of us do. The joy of getting paid for our work for the very first time cannot be described in words. While some of us spend it on ourselves, some of us give it to our parents as a token of respect and gratitude, our ‘firsts’ always have their own charm.

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