Sunday , December 4 2022

Simple Ways To Feel More Confident In Yourself

Confidence is a trait that can come and go pretty quickly — even if you feel on top of the world, one statement from a judgmental stranger can make everything come crashing down. Luckily, there are ways to feel more confident in yourself, your capabilities, and the situations you have to deal with. And since confidence can truly make all the difference, it’s important to have a few simple methods under your belt that will raise your confidence levels to amazing degrees.

First, it’s important to know that all of us have confidence dips from time to time. Self-esteem isn’t an issue that disappears after you graduate high school. Failures, rejections, and feeling like you’re just not good enough are all the sucky parts of life that occur from time to time, and they’re totally normal, as long as you can get a good handle on it. For example, if you’re feeling not-so-confident, hiding in your room with the lights out for a full day will only make the problem a lot worse. (Even though sure, it seems like a good idea. Any idea involving staying in bed always seems like a wonderful plan, let’s be honest.)

Before the lack of confidence gets you down, here are a few ways to boost yourself back up.

1. Turn yourself into a work of art

If you’re feeling less confident due to a breakout, or maybe just feeling a little self-conscious over a physical change, a good way to see the beauty within is to, literally, turn yourself into a painting. Download the app Prisma, and take a solid selfie. Then, run it through some of the amazing filters and feel amazed by the results. The best part? The app is free, and harmless fun. If you can get a new profile picture out of the deal, even better.

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