Saturday , December 4 2021

Reasons Why You Feel Empty Inside At Times

It’s a common thing for someone to feel empty inside and there’s not just one or two but many reasons for you to feel that way.

Sometimes, you have everything that you need in this world but you are not happy. You feel like there’s still something missing and you feel empty and it’s because you have lost appreciation in life.

To be precise, it happens when your wishes increase and everything that you have, seems inadequate until you lose them.

You feel your friends aren’t enough, until they walk away from you and you feel like your parents aren’t good, until they die in front of you. This and many other things seem inadequate to you because you have started wishing for more and appreciate less.

Some of us start to feel empty because we have started valuing external beauty more than the internal awesomeness.

We make sure we are looking good from head to toe, but forget that we have to stay happy inside to look pretty outside. The same way, we feel empty when we think that the likes, shares and comments on what we post on social media matters more than the deep conversations and compliments we get from our loved ones in person.

It’s all because you now value things that shouldn’t even exist in your life to make you feel complete, yet it does.

Basically, you feel empty because you are a human being who has been taught to value all the wrong things in life and that is a natural thing for many of us. You don’t have to worry or go to a doctor to realize why there is such an emptiness inside you.

Just look in your heart and think what is that you are doing wrong? You will realize that all you need is just to get away from the mess in your head and feel awesome about everything around you.

Your emptiness is just a confusion that your mind and heart has created together. All you got to do is clear that confusion, shift your mind to a corner and think from your heart.

See the beauty of nature, family, relationships and friends to understand how beautiful your life is and how much you are missing by over thinking about the wrong things.

I bet, you will feel complete again!


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