Tuesday , June 28 2022

Read This When You Catch Yourself Comparing Your Life With Others

It all starts when you are your lowest, struggling to survive, feeling uninspired and simply watch your life falling apart in front of your eyes. That is when you cannot help but look around at everybody else – who have things you always wanted – their life is as eventful as it can be.

You unintentionally start comparing your life with theirs. You look around at people your age, your school friends, current friends, friends of friends, every possible person you know. All you see is their achievements, successes, happiness and joys. You see their dazzling lives on social media, getting engaged, doing their dream job, travelling to the best places, falling in love and wonder what is it that you are doing wrong?

What you don’t realize is that you see only the part of their life which they are willing to share. This is when you need to take a good hard look and start to listen carefully.

Imagine what people see when they look at you. Imagine the story that sketches in their mind, the images of the kind of life you live. It will be completely based on how much you have exposed yourself to them and nothing beyond that. Things that are hidden underneath you can and will never be a part of their perception about your life.

Nobody’s life is as perfect as they portray it to be. Demons hide well. Perfection can act well enough to deceive you. There is one thing that you must always remember – a coin has two sides – there is a flip side to everything.

It’s like that perfect couple. You look at their house, their vacations and their so called bond and wonder how dreamy their relationship is. But what you don’t realize is that they actually cannot stand each other. They haven’t said ‘I love you’ for over a year, they haven’t had se* in months. She spends most of her time talking to her old boyfriends while he sleeps with another woman. You just don’t know!

Breakdowns. Fights. Arguments. Se*ual despair. Pain. Fear. Things that are never publicized. It’s all there! You just don’t have any clue.

So before you compare your life with someone else’s – WAKE UP and remember, what’s between the lines can never be seen. Don’t let your imagination fool you in the midst of comparison.

You are doing way better than most of them, for all you know!

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