Wednesday , April 24 2024

Living In The Moment Will Change Your Life, Here’s How You Can Do It

Most of us don’t know how to live in the moment. It is difficult at times, because we’re either worried about the future or sad about the things that happened in past. This, in spite of knowing that neither the past or the future are in our hands. The only thing we can do, is think about the present and make it better. Here are few things you can do to stay in the present, and enjoy the moment.

1. Focus on your breathing

Find yourself a quiet corner and all you need to do is take a deep breath and focus on inhaling and exhaling. This can help you focus on the present moment once again. If possible try and do pranayam an ancient breathing exercise, once a day preferably in the morning. It will also help you to focus on your work better.

2. Try and be with positive people.

If possible surround yourself with positive, energetic and enthusiastic people. They are usually someone who try to live in the present. Try and pick that vibe from them and learn to be happy at the moment.

3. Time heals everything.

It’s ok to be stuck in a loop of old memories no matter how hard you try to get away from them. When this happens, all you have to do is ‘not’ fight those memories or try pushing them away. Rather surrender yourself to time and let it heal them at its own pace.

4. Be grateful.

Being grateful helps you to focus on the positive and is an amazing way to enjoy the moment. Try and notice all the good things that people do for you. Also try and make a habit of thanking people often.

5. Go slow.

Just go slow in life and savour each and every moment. Try and observe small little things in life that can awaken your senses to the world around.

6. Try and be more organised.

Manage your tasks in a way that you get time to complete each one before hand. If you plan your day even a bit, that helps you to give you a more relaxed schedule and leaves time for other things in life to savour, like your hobbies.

Remember what master Oogway said – Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it present.

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