Monday , April 15 2024

How I Didn’t Let Anxiety Overpower My Dreams

Your heart feels like it is trying to push its way out of your chest and the world around you blurs or the lights seem very bright and it appears like there are an awful LOT of people or like you are in a dream.

You are screaming but you can’t make any noise- is that what you feel like when you are about to take an exam or have a job interview or when you are in a crowded place?

I went through a phase in my life when I found myself questioning everything about I thought I knew about myself; my past decisions, my beliefs and abilities. I was in a constant fear of the unknown.

Although I know it’s completely normal to feel so out of place once in a while, it was not long before I realized that this was how I felt most of the times and it was taking a toll on my mental health and peace apart from affecting my work. It was then that I decided to consciously work on it- try and avoid over thinking, that had become so inherent to me, and dedicate all my heart and soul to my work without fearing the results.

Living in the moment, doing what I did best to the best of my capabilities, a self-help talk, surrounding myself with positive people and always looking at the silver lining in the cloud- were some of the things that helped me relax a bit and feel content.

These were my demons to fight.

A lot of other people might find themselves in the middle of a near crisis situation, every time they have to converse with a stranger, out of the fear of the unknown. That rush of fear or feeling the thump of your heart against the walls of your chest is an oh-so common experience in such situations.

While we must understand that the occurrences of such uncalled bouts of fear are a proof that you’re human, we need to try and let it pass rather than succumbing to it.

Don’t let this anxiety take over your quest for achieving what you really want. You don’t know what talents this plague is capable of outshining. There are people who may be amazing orators or people who have excellent skills but are seldom able to share their flair with the world because of this trepidation.

Don’t do that to yourself- don’t let your fears overpower your dreams for there is only life and opportunities don’t come often.

Ditch the comfort zone, face the world and your destiny will find you for you never know you might be the next BIG thing.

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