Friday , April 19 2024

Here’s Why You Should Not Shy Away From Embracing ‘Change’

Are you someone who wants stability in life? If so, it’s important that you read this.

As much as we fear change, fear losing our loved ones and fear moving into a new city, all of those events come with their own set of benefits. Imagine what our life would look like if we were asked to work in the same company and do the same job for decades? Isn’t the thought itself scary enough?

I understand that, initially, change can be hard. For instance, we all were shattered when we had to leave our school, the place where we grew and the place where we formed our purest friendships. But had we all known that our college years would be some of the most memorable years of our lives, leaving school would have been a lot easier. Some friends stay, some leave, but new and deeper bonds always tend to get formed. I think that is how life is – it’s never the same. Every friendship and every bond is here to teach us something and as soon as their role in our life is over, they leave. Though we all get extremely saddened by the end of certain relationships, we must understand that this is how life is framed and it will never comprise of the same people. We must understand that it’s important, even necessary perhaps, to embrace change.

How many of you tried your hand at something new and failed at it miserably? When that happened, did you crib over failing so badly or were you wise enough to switch things up and try something else instead (like pursuing your passion)? If the answer to that question is a yes, then congratulations! You’ve cracked one of the most important lessons of life – it’s okay to change your mind.

After all, who knows? You might become the next big thing in your chosen field of work! Life is not meant to be cribbed over, it’s meant to be lived fully. So, if you don’t find happiness in your job, it’s okay to switch it or try something completely new. You might just end up finding your true calling. It might even take you to a place which gives you your most cherished relationships in life. For instance, you might make a life-long best friend at your new office or might just find your soulmate? And to think that you may miss out on all of it just because you aren’t ready to embrace change.

On that note, I will leave you guys to ponder upon a thought – is ‘change’ really that bad of a thing to experience? And if not, why should you, or anyone for that matter, shy away from embracing it?

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