Wednesday , April 24 2024

Don’t Be Sorry For

1. Your beliefs and for being passionate about it.
We’re all created with unique minds. Just because your beliefs are different from the people around you doesn’t mean you should be sorry for it.

2. Your looks.
You are beautiful and no one can argue because you were fearfully and wonderfully made

3. Speaking the truth.
When you speak the truth, expect to be hated. People hate people who make them realize they’re wrong. Most people hide behind pretense and lying because the truth makes them uncomfortable.
Don’t be sorry if you’re too honest for some people. They don’t hate you. They hate the truth because they can’t handle it.

4. Your relationship status.
For as long as you’re not wrecking lives or destroying relationships, you’re not offending anyone, you’re not wasting someone’s time, you’re not causing harm to yourself or to another person, don’t be sorry.

5. Sleeping in or taking a break.
If you’ve been working like crazy, if you have always given your best, you DESERVE to have a break.
Don’t be sorry for not being productive for a day or two. Or they’ll be sorry if you break down and burn out.

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