Wednesday , April 24 2024

An Open Letter To Every Indian Woman

Hey there!

All good? I guess not. Tired of all the drama from this torturous society? I’m sure you are and so am I.

For ages, we’ve been asked to behave in a certain way, irrespective of who we want to be and how different these expectations are from our true self.

Beauty standards were set by people whose perception of ‘pretty’ was limited to fair skin and luscious hair. And what’s worse is that we’re expected to meet them failing which considered those women in the society who won’t be ‘picked by a guy to marry’.

An average height, fair skinned, thin woman is considered to be beautiful.

But if you’re fat or dark, you’re doomed; and if you’re both, you don’t deserve to be alive. How low are we going to stoop?

A woman juggles between her household chores and office work yet they say that we are not capable enough. Define capable!

We’ve been dominated enough, don’t you agree? We all are tired of hearing the same old lectures about how we should and shouldn’t be, how we should behave, how we’re supposed to give up on all dreams and aspirations after marriage with a man who will go on with his life undisturbed.

How we’re supposed to always adjust with accepting an identity that isn’t even us?

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