Tuesday , September 26 2023

8 Ways Your Weekend Changes Once You Start Working

One of the harsh realities of having a job is that it changes your life for good. And more than anything, you end up missing the relaxed life you once had, because all of a sudden your weekends disappear into thin air. In other words, they suddenly seem crunched. Take a look at 8 ways your weekend has changed ever since you started working. Whether it’s for better or worse depends on your perspective!

1. You have started making a to-do list.

Of course, this is a good habit, but these lists are full of tasks. Things like buying groceries, getting fuel for your car, salon visits, banks, meeting your relatives take all your time.

2. You don’t look forward to Friday night plans.

Hah! You really have changed, haven’t you?

All you want to do is go home, change into your tracks and do nothing. Watching music videos on TV or eating ice cream works just fine for you. If someone forces you to come out with them on a Friday night, you secretly label them as insane.

3. Your conversations revolve around car servicing and laundry.

Whenever you meet someone over the weekend, you always answer the ‘what’s up’ question with, “Hey man! I had to get my car fixed and then I had to pick up some stuff for the house and also get my passbook updated.”

4. The most important task for the weekend is sleeping.

The to-do list is accommodating about only one thing – sleeping. Catching up on sleep is priority. Not parties, drinks, uncles, aunts or girlfriends. Only and only SLEEP! Waking up on time has become a part of your lifestyle, because you understand how easy it is to squeeze extra things into your schedule if you wake up on time.

5. From shots, you’ve moved to sangria.

Shots are great, but sangria keeps you calm. You drink what you think is easy to handle. Because honestly, you can’t handle a hangover any more. Fortunately or unfortunately, your drinking standards have changed.

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