Friday , April 19 2024

8 Things That Happen When You Hear The Word ‘Sale’!

Sale! Oh how we love hearing that word. It is probably the only word after love that gets our pulse racing and heart beating fast. Nothing can ever replace the joy of buying our favorite gadget at a flat 50% discount or even better, that super expensive sexy dress at flat 70% off. That’s the retail heaven we definitely want to be in! Here are eight different things that go on in our head the moment we hear this golden word.

1. A crazy frenzy begins!

We break into an impromptu dance when our favourite brand decides to offer a discount. We can’t stop talking about it and we immediately inform our partners-in-crime, our BFF’s so that they can share out joy too.

2. We start making a mental note of all that we need.

That sexy red dress and those oh-so-very-droolworthy boots are definitely making their way in our shopping list.

3. And sometimes, we even look forward to things we don’t need!

It’s discounted stuff, right? So things are like really cheap and if we don’t stock things up now then when will we?

4. We start cribbing about how old our phones are.

Been there, done that. The moment we find out that there’s a sale on our favorite gizmos, we can’t help but start finding some faults with our old ones.

5. Bank balance: Check!

We’ll make a mental note of literally every rupee that we can spend online and then we will promptly proceed to spend double of that.

6. Thank banks for credit cards.

It’s time to whip out our credit cards and reach the maximum spending limit. Yay!

7. Find ways to get the best deal.

Will you miss this awesome deal if you don’t add the item in your cart at 8 am? Yes. Will you be in office at that hour to ensure you get perfect internet to ensure that it happens? Hell yes!

8. Turn shopaholics on the big sale day.

That one day of the year when we literally shop till we drop or rather shop till our cards get maxed out!

If you identify yourself with any of these, here’s some good news for you. is back with the Great Indian Sale, starting today! Find the best deals and some great discounts till 23rd January 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to and get shopping!

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