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8 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Procrastinating

Are you always finding yourself putting off some urgent work that needs to be done or constantly delaying your submissions?

If your answer to both those questions is in the affirmative, then congratulations! You pass the bare requirements needed to be classified as a procrastinator. Your philosophy in life is pretty simple, isn’t it?

While it doesn’t feel great when work stays incomplete, you also just aren’t able to take out time to complete it as there’s always something or the other that is going on in your mind. And while you might have accepted it as a part of your lifestyle, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind knowing the reasons behind your behaviour.

So on that note, here are eight reasons why you just can’t stop procrastinating.

1. There’s technology to distract you.

With the emergence of such advanced technology that has led to the widespread use of smartphones, laptops and portable gaming consoles, there’s so much for you to see and do online. And so every time you sit to finish your work, your mind gets easily distracted by this technology and most of your time is wasted trying to find something new on the internet.

2. You fear negative feedback.

Some people out there actually have a phobia of receiving negative feedback on their work. And so some of them always end up finding ways of getting excused from that. Every time these people think that their work will not be up to the mark, they end up procrastinating.

3. Failure is a taboo.

In some cases, the blame goes to our society as well. Why you ask? Well, it’s this very society that has made failure a taboo. And so every time someone’s scared that their work might not be appreciated, they tend to delay it so that they don’t face failure. By doing so, they try to protect their self-esteem.

4. You are horrible at self-regulation.

There are people who just suck at self-regulation. These people just can’t follow their to-do list in a timely manner. And while they surely need to make themselves more responsible by staying adamant on completing the task on or before time, they just can’t help it.

5. You want to enjoy the ‘thrill’ of waiting.

Then there are some of you who just enjoy the ‘thrill’ of waiting until the last moment to complete a task. It’s almost like finishing your work on time then becomes a challenge to you, thereby making it more fun for you to complete it. Such a daredevil.

6. You tend to forget stuff.

Every time you try to work, only to see yourself get distracted by other things (intentionally or not), you eventually end up forgetting the work you were supposed to do in the first place. And sadly, by the time you realise it, it’s already too late.

7. You’re just lazy.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’re just too lazy to do anything. If given an option, you will actually choose not doing the work at all, rather than completing it after the deadline.

8. You can only work under pressure.

There are some of you who can only work at the last minute because there’s an added pressure to finish your work on time. Finishing your work earlier sounds strange to you because you’ve never even tried it.

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