Friday , April 19 2024

7 Things You Will Only Understand If Sarcasm Is Your Forte

Whoever it was, who said “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” must have been insane (sorry Oscar Wilde) because every sarcastic person that I have ever come across in my life, has been the personification of being witty and intelligent.

I mean come on, it requires a lot of wit to be able to come up with hilarious yet deadpan replies that not everyone can get. And since making those people who didn’t capture the sarcasm understand what they said requires lots of patience, sarcastic people are also patient AF.

To be honest, someone who speaks the language of sarcasm perfectly understands what it feels like to be unique.

And so, if you’re fortunate enough to be one of those, then here are seven things you will TOTALLY understand if sarcasm is your forte.

1. You hate it when people take your sarcasm literally.

When you pass a sarcastic comment at someone, you expect them to understand it. But most of the time, they just don’t get it. In fact, they start thinking that you were being serious, respond like an idiot and you end up blaming yourself.

2. You hear ‘I don’t care’ a lot.

When someone doesn’t get what you said, all they have to say is “I don’t care”. Well, the reality is that they do care about what you said, but their minds are just too inadequate to comprehend that.

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