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7 Signs You’re One Of Those Who Easily Forgives And Forgets

We all have our past –filled with its share of good, bad and the difficult to forget memories.

In most cases, if one were to forget those aforementioned memories (or at least let them become as irrelevant as they possible could), one would have to be someone who easily forgives and forgets.

As we mature, we realize that forgiveness is the first step towards healing ourselves and when we forgive someone for the hurt they put us through, we open ourselves to bigger and better things in life.

After all, it’s not for nothing that forgiveness is considered to be a trait of the strong.

So, all you brave little hearts, here are 7 signs that show that you are a person who easily forgives and forgets, a virtue that more people could do with and make the world a happier place:

1. You still choose to remember the best of them.

No matter how abruptly or painfully things ended with someone you have previously loved (a boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or even a family member), you still remember the best of them and fondly recall all the positive memories you have with them.

2. You don’t let your past come in the way of your present and future.

You don’t let the bitter experiences of your past come in the way of your present or future relationships.

You are mature enough to understand that everyone comes with their own baggage and it’s wrong to burden the beautiful people in our lives with our baggage of fear and disappointment.

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