Wednesday , April 24 2024

7 Signs That Say You Think With Your Heart Not Head

While thinking from your head is more about being right and wrong, thinking from the heart is all about the feelings.

I am sure people must have told you that you think too much with your heart and it’s not a nice habit to have, but people like you are one in a million and you should feel good about it. On that note, here are 7 signs that suggest you think with your heart, not head.

1. You don’t mince your words.

Instead of hiding your feelings, you believe in blurting it out. Even the people around you keep saying that you should hold your words at times, but you just believe in saying everything you feel like.

2. You get manipulated easily.

Just a few emotional words will make you fall for anything. It’s very easy to manipulate you because you don’t see right or wrong in what’s being told to you.

3. You cannot tolerate lies.

You can’t take lies and dishonesty from any person around you because you personally stand against it. In fact, it’s hard for you to imagine how people manage to lie so easily.

4. You use the word ‘feel’ more than ‘think’.

That’s not just a verbal habit but an actual one. Using the word ‘feel’ while giving opinions on something clearly states that you are saying that from your heart. But when you say ‘think’, it definitely comes from your brain.

5. You are empathetic.

No matter what it is, you can relate to the feelings of every person in this world. Again, it’s because when something is being told to you, it hits your heart before your brain.

6. You’re a dreamer.

Dreaming big is something that keeps you motivated and going. Nothing can stop you from dreaming because your heart believes that one day all your dreams would turn into reality.

7. You believe in love a little too much.

This may or may not be in your favour, but it’s natural for you to believe in love a little more than the other people. After all, you have a heart that only asks for love.

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