Friday , April 19 2024

7 Philosophies That You Should Try Out If You Want To Live A Happy Life

When life gives you lemons, you should have you lemonade stand ready.

Everybody should have certain strategies and plans to live a stress free, happy life. Your principles turn into habits, and habits into character. Therefore, you must carefully choose philosophies and try to follow them.

Here are some which I try to follow…

1. Compare all your problems to your mortality

Look at all your problems with this one perspective. Is it going to kill you? Like, literally kill you? No, well then you’re fine. If yes, then you’ve got to do something to save your life. Nine out of ten times, your problems are not going to kill you. We’re so used to being the drama queens all our lives that we sometimes tend to exaggerate petty issues. This parameter will keep your problems in check and would give you the confidence of handling them.

2. Show up for events

Agreed. It takes a lot of effort to show up for an event. Be it a reunion or a party, we always tend to stay indoors. It’s a mistake. Going for events only means that you’re open to meeting new people, exchanging ideas and expand your network. If you look at it this way, showing up is always a better idea than staying indoors.

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