Sunday , July 3 2022

7 Confessions Of The Extremely Low Maintenance Girl

You like being a no hassle person and dressing casually for most occasions. You aren’t really the type of person to spend hours in front of the mirror trying on 50 different outfits to pick out the best one but that’s not to say that you shabby or anything.

You just prefer to spend your time and money on other things that really matter to you. You’re a low maintenance person and you take pride in that because there’s nothing you would rather be. Here all the things you will definitely relate to if you’re that low maintenance girl.

1. You have no idea how to use more than half the make-up products you own.

What does contouring even mean? And why would someone require 50 bottles of lotion? And you probably don’t even own an eyelash curler. It is beyond you why someone would want to put something like that, so close to their eyes.

2. Wearing heels or anything even remotely uncomfortable is literally the most annoying thing ever.

You hate to wear heels and don’t even own more than a few basic pairs. You only wear them when absolutely necessary and when you’re forced to do so. Most of the times, you’re happy in your sneakers or flip-flops.

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