Tuesday , June 28 2022

20 Reminders That Prove It’s Okay To Be Directionless In Your 20s

Hey there, 20-somethings! You crib about a Monday morning at work and long hours of commute to office, and while you are trying very hard to make sure your career choices and fancy degrees somehow help you sail towards a bright future, you feel directionless. Not always, but sometimes. Isn’t it? You’re losing friends, gaining weight and your relationship is getting complicated. Okay, we get it!

First of all, breathe. We are all sailing in the same boat, if it makes you feel less miserable. It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 27 – you won’t find answers to everything right now. Long conversations with friends only mean little assurances and consolations that things will get better. But while it all looks complicated, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Here are 20 little reminders that will make you feel better about the fact that being directionless is the only way to get through it!

1. Stop hyperventilating about the uncertainties of life. You’re supposed to be clueless.

You will not have a stable friendship, relationship or a job. Stop questioning yourself every time you break up with someone. Embrace your uncertainties and let life happen to you.

2. While you forgive everyone else, learn to forgive yourself too.

You forgave your ex, that lady on the metro who stepped on your feet, and that nosy neighbor who keeps reminding you you’re fat. But when it comes to you, why do you turn so cruel? Learn to forgive yourself.

3. Spend less time on your phone.

There is a life beyond WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. You need to remind yourself of that. You might just cut down on some mental anxieties. The guy who didn’t call you back even when he said he would? Spare yourself, please? You’re a lot more than the guy or girl who didn’t call back.

4. Stop ‘stretching’ your breakup.

When everything is done and dusted, stop getting into that vicious cycle of ‘stalking’. There is a reason those people don’t belong in your present. You really don’t need to know about their life. A healthy friendship is good but only if it doesn’t make you mentally unstable.

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