Tuesday , September 27 2022

12 Memories From School You Wish You Could Completely Erase

So you just received an invitation to attend your high school reunion. There were pangs of excitement at first, but now that’s all been overridden by memories that are both embarrassing and painful to remember. Like these.

1. When you bunked school to hang out at a nearby mall and the mall management made such a big deal about it.

They called your principal and you were labelled a truant.

Lesson learnt: Don’t wear your uniform unless it’s after 3 pm.

2. The time you accidentally walked into the toilet assigned to the opposite sex.

You didn’t do it intentionally, but everyone else thought your motives were different.

3. Learning that your crush is dating some else.

Especially if that someone was your bully.

4. Vocally exclaiming how much your teacher sucks only to have him or her hear you out.

Either you were marched to the principal’s office or you had to take over the lesson. An evil way to make you apologise and beg for forgiveness.

5. Your crush discovering your piles of weird love letters…

…never meant to be discovered.

6. Your name being the main reason your peers called you something embarrassing for the rest of the school year.

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