Saturday , October 31 2020

12 Common Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of Making But Need To Stop Immediately


Mistakes teach us lessons. But repeating them isn’t going to take us anywhere. We as humans have a tendency to make incorrigible mistakes that not only get us into trouble but can also ruin our lives.

Here are some common mistakes that we repeatedly make and should seriously stop.

1. We try to find benefits in relationships


‘I will only talk to her when I have some work’, ‘I will marry someone who earns Rs.2 lacs per month’, ‘I only make friends who are rich’. We all try to find benefits and advantages with relationships. It’s selfish on our part to attach a ‘give and take’ angle to something that we should cherish instead of make a business out of. A relationship should be based on respect, care and love – not hidden intentions.

2. We over-think and assume things


How many times have we had sleepless nights just because we thought things in our head that didn’t even happen the next day? Well, a lot of us overthink for no reason. We also assume before knowing the entire background to a story, which then make us look stupid when the facts behind the story are revealed to us.

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