Wednesday , April 24 2024

11 Struggles Every Daydreamer In The World Faces

Studies have revealed that daydreaming is not uncommon. It is a normal, relaxing sort of inactivity, and an escape from our monotonous lives. In fact, researchers have said that daydreaming improves your brain power. Good news, right? Read on as we tell you the routine difficulties of every daydreamer.

1. People think you are creepy.

When you are daydreaming, you automatically start staring somewhere else. Strangers think you’re checking them out and label you as creepy.

2. Everyone calls you a procrastinator.

You don’t understand why. You just imagine stuff. And that’s harmless, right?

3. You dream about EVERYTHING.

From a honeymoon in New Zealand to attending the carnival at Brazil, you have imagined everything under the sun. In your dreams, you have been to every country and even dated celebrities. If daydreaming was a profession, you would have become a millionaire by now.

4. You think of your life as a film.

Especially when you are having a walk with your headphones on. You feel as if you are walking in a fantasy land. And most importantly, you feel that the song playing in your head is actually your life’s background score.

5. Storytelling comes naturally to you.

You do it for recreation. In fact, you conceptualise on such complex themes and keep adding endless twists to them. In your head, you are ALWAYS writing a script.

6. Windows are your best friend.

You can look outside the window for hours. Whether it’s in the car or at home, you grab a window seat and you’re ready to let your mind wander. This is the reason you love travelling to faraway places.

7. In your head, you have planned multiple scenarios with your crush.

And sometimes those scenarios tend to get dirty. From meeting them to the first bit of small talk to the first date, you have drafted everything in your head. You often wonder what it would be like if all these things happened in real life. And you keep hoping that they do.

8. You are always confused between what really happened and what you imagined.

You are constantly asking yourself if you made this up in your head or if it happened for real. More often than not, you fail to keep track.

9. Your notebooks are full of doodles.

Clouds, hearts, stars, huts and everything that you used to draw in your drawing book while you were in school.

10. You are not a good listener.

You have a terrible attention span. You tend to go off-track when someone else is talking and conveniently get busy with day-dreaming. Fortunately, your friends are so used to it that they have given up. Additionally, you have mastered the nod of agreement, and you flash it every time you miss what people are talking about.

11. Things get awkward sometimes.

While daydreaming, you start fantasising about people. Sometimes in public 😉

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