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11 No-Nonsense Promises Every Girl In Her 20s Should Make To Herself

Life never comes with a guide but we often impose so many dos and don’ts on ourselves that we totally kill the unpredictability in our lives. In our 20s, we pressurise ourselves to be prettier, to be richer, to be smarter. Why? Because everyone else is doing the same.

Cut yourself some slack, girls. You’re not the girl who got ‘rejected’ by a guy or the girl who still can’t apply proper nail paint. Your failures say nothing about you. If you’re a woman in 20s who still sulks because of the guy who got away or the job you couldn’t get because you were not ‘skilled enough’, here are a few promises that you really need to make to yourself.

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1. ‘I will not depend on anyone and everyone for the small joys of life.’

You don’t need any WhatsApp group or gang of friends to catch that film no one else wanted to watch. Realise that you are self-sufficient and good enough to ensure that you avail all the small joys of life.

2. ‘Comparing is okay, only if I’m buying mangoes’

There will always be someone who will be prettier than you or smarter than you. STOP. DRAWING. COMPARISONS. It doesn’t change shit.

3. ‘Not everyone will understand me and I am perfectly okay with that.’

Stop sulking because someone called you ‘sensitive’ or ‘docile’. People are not entitled to understand you. If they don’t understand you or your intentions, learn to forgive them. Even if your friend doesn’t get you or your intentions, let it be.

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