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The Geekiest Baby Names

1. Hashtag

On the plus side, at least the newborn’s name is pronounceable.

nkghough it seems too loony to be real, a mother has anointed her baby girl Hashtag Jameson.

A hashtag denotes the number sign (#) on Twitter where it is used as a tagging device, both deliberately and comically. As in, #dumbbabyname.

Mother Jameson gave birth on a Sunday night and posted a picture to Facebook – ironically, not Twitter – the next day.

2. Like

In May, 2011, an Israeli couple named their baby Like after the Facebook feature.

According to the parents, Lior and Vardit Adler, they wanted their daughter to have a name that would be extraordinary in a modern way when they hit upon the idea of using the name for the Facebook button.

They fell for the idea at once, and as soon as they had found that there was no such name in the whole of Israel, the little girl was saddled with the name Like. The parents do not look at it as a strange name at all, reasoning that it is a modern version of the common Jewish name Ahava which is the Hebrew word for “love.”

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