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Haunting Pictures Of Kids Around The World And Their Bedrooms

We adults often take many things for granted. No matter how cliché the half empty-half full glass theory is, it does explain a very important lesson in life – one should always be content with what we have. Unfortunately, most of us, including me, do not follow this in life. We crib, whine and crave for things that we don’t possess. While there is nothing wrong with having desires, we somehow fail to notice the other side of the coin.

Inequality was, is and will always exist in the world that we live in and no one can do anything about it. However, spreading awareness about the same is something one should encourage. Enter James Collison, a Kenyan-born, England-raised, Venice-based photographer, who has travelled the world to capture snapshots of children and their bedrooms. Sounds bizarre, right? But hang on, your views will change once you go through his pictures.

This eye-opening series is called ‘Where Children Sleep’ and it features bedrooms of poverty-stricken kids. These social classes will both disturb and shock you at the same times. And that’s not the only catch here – they are not just nameless and identity-less pictures of kids and their bedrooms – they have names and some very shocking stories to tell.

Read on.

1. Alex, 9, Rio De Janerio, Brazil

This is Alex. He is unable to go to school, so, he spends his days begging on the streets to make ends meet and at night, he sleeps on whatever he can find – an empty bench, an old sofa, or the pavement.

2. Dong, 9, Yunnan, China

Hailing from Yunnan, China, 9-year-old Jong shares the room with his parents, sister and grandfather. His family owns just enough land to grow their own rice and sugarcane.

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