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Cute Sleeping Baby Becomes The Star Of Cosplay During Her Naps

Getting your baby to stay asleep is one of the most challenging – and rewarding! – experiences of any parent. It takes time, patience, and perseverance, and the slightest sound can ruin your hard work in an instant. Which is why Laura Izumikawa Choi is one seriously brave mom. Because she dresses her sleeping daughter in the most adorable selection of cosplay costumes, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the results are more than worth the risk.
From Pokemon and Game of Thrones to Stranger Things And Star Wars, the Los Angeles-based photographer has a seemingly endless array of cosplay ideas for her 4-month-old daughter Joey Marie. She posts the pictures on Instagram for her 72k+ followers, and some of her best creations have been viewed more than 100k times. Check out some of our favorites below.
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1 Slash From Guns N’ Roses

2 The Little Mermaid

3 Goku From ‘Dragon Ball Z’

4 Sushi Master

5 Han Solo

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