Tuesday , May 21 2024

A Mother Transformed Her 4-Month-Old Daughter Into Harry Potter And It’s Beyond Magical

Who would have thought that babies can turn out to be the most amazing subject for their photographer mommies? The internet is a wonderful place filled with photographs that warm your heart and give you instant joy.

Remember how Mommy Laura Izumikawa made judicious use of her baby’s nap time to click her as popular celebrities and icons like Jon Snow, Beyonce, Pikachu, Little Mermaid etc? She won the internet and her baby is already an internet star!

Here’s another mom who’s making all Harry Potter fans smile by transforming her four-month-old baby girl from Chicago as Harry Potter.

Mum Kayla Glover, 29, is a massive Potterhead and she puts the love for her baby girl and her passion for professional photography to best use by clicking her daughter in the cutest avatar possible.

Talking to Metro.co.uk, she said, “I am a huge Harry Potter and I’d had the vision of a photo shoot in my head for a while. I knew whether I had a boy or a girl I would be using this theme and taking these pictures. My daughter actually has a lot of Harry Potter’s features with her captivating eyes and messy hair so she made it very easy.”

Here are beautiful photographs of Lorelai and mind you, you can’t miss her Gryffindor scarf, round glasses and the magical wand.

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