Friday , April 19 2024

How To Spot The Thin Line Between Confidence And Overconfidence

Today, confidence is a widely misunderstood concept. It’s not about having it all. Instead, it’s about being okay with whatever you have and using it to its best potential. However, confidence is like a double-edged sword. If you don’t use it wisely, it turns into overconfidence which then turns against you. Therefore, here’s a simple guide to spot the difference between confidence and over confidence.

Confidence: I am an important person

Overconfidence: I am important to others

We are often under the misconception that the world will come to a halt without us. That if you quit your job, your company will go bankrupt. And if you break up then the other person will die. To burst your bubble, this never happens. You are easily replaced at your company, and the person you broke up with will move on. Happily.

Confidence: I will win

Overconfidence: Only I will win

Many of us fail to observe the fact that there is success in defeat too. Being humble is not the opposite of confidence. It is, in fact, a big step towards being confident. Therefore, if you enter a competition keeping in mind that you might also lose, you play without succumbing to pressure. Having a positive attitude helps, but too positive is too naive.

Confidence: She likes me

Overconfidence: She ‘has’ to like me, she cannot like anybody else

Love is tricky. When in love, we are all fools. Even the slightest hint from the opposite sex makes us believe that they like us. But the fact is that if they don’t know about your feelings, they are not giving you any signs whatsoever. They are smiling because they love to smile, or staring because they spotted something odd on your shirt. Keeping your hopes up about being with someone you like is fine, but expecting the person to like you and only you becomes an obsession.

Confidence: I can become financially strong by saving

Overconfidence: Spend it all, because YOLO!

Warren Buffett is a millionaire because he followed his own advice – If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need. Where money is considered, overconfidence will turn you into a pauper from a king. If you become too confident about money being there for you all the time, you’re wrong. With overconfidence, it won’t take time to turn prosperity into adversity.

Confidence: I will study all the chapters for the exam

Overconfidence: Only one chapter is important, and I will study only that

Everybody had those overconfident classmates who came to the exam hall studying only one chapter. There are no shortcuts to studying as all chapters of the subject are important.

Confidence: I will take criticism in a positive way and improve

Overconfidence: I don’t care about criticism because I’m the best

A person’s true mettle can be tested with criticism. It’s how he deals with it that reveals a lot about him. Criticism when taken positively, will make you improve a lot. However, if you don’t listen to critics and turn a deaf ear, then it shows your arrogance and you will never make any progress in life.

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