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Lose Weight Easily Using This Proven Japanese Breathing Technique

Trying to buy the purest, most organic ingredients, signing up for the gym, and purchasing new fitness accessories can cost a lot of money. It’s lucky for you that we are here to share with you a brilliant free way to lose weight, using only the right breathing technique.

The long-breath diet was discovered by Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke, who used his accidental exercise to lose 28 lbs. (and 5 inches around the waist!) in a mere 50 days. Ryosuke was practicing some breathing exercises to provide pain relief as he recovered from a recent back injury, when he discovered he could lose weight quickly by spending only two to five minutes per day taking long, deep breaths and exhaling while contracting all the body’s muscles.

The long breath diet can be done in two simple ways. Here we’ll take you step by step through what you need to do to master it.

Long Breath Diet Technique 1

Lose Weight Easily Using This Proven Japanese Breating Technique

Tighten your buttocks and, at the same time, place one foot in front of your body, expending 90% of your body weight on your back foot. Standing in this position, inhale for a count of three seconds while lifting your arms above your head. Then, when you exhale, your body’s muscles will be forced to contract while the air is being let out (for seven seconds).

Lose Weight Easily Using This Proven Japanese Breating Technique

Repeat this process for between two and five minutes every day to see the best results.

Long Breath Diet Technique 2

This time, stand upright and tighten your buttocks. Place a hand upon your abdomen and another hand on your lower back. While sucking in your midsection, inhale for three seconds. Then for seven seconds exhale, while continuing to suck in your stomach for seven seconds.

Lose Weight Easily Using This Proven Japanese Breating Technique

Repeat this exercise for between two and five minutes a day to see the best results.

Deep Breathing and Weight Loss

If you’re sitting there wondering whether there is any way at all that breathing can help you lose weight, you’re far from alone. Yet, as Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP explains, there is much good that breathing can do to help while dieting. Even if you only use Ryosuke’s technique as part of a wider exercise regimen “deep breathing enhances the benefits.” This is because breathing fills the body with the oxygen that’s necessary for the body to absorb nutrients and remove toxins, both of which aid and lead to weight loss.

Study Supports Deep Breathing Claims

Lose Weight Easily Using This Proven Japanese Breating Technique

A study conducted at Hampton University, Virginia, revealed that a combination of yoga and deep breathing exercises aided teens losing weight. The study divided 60 boys and girls into two groups. The first undertook 40 minutes of yoga and deep breathing (pranayama), four times a week for 12 weeks. The second group did none of this. At the end of the trial, the first group had lost and average of 6 lbs. without any change in their diets.

The study’s author, Anand B. Shetty, concludes with the following advice: “I recommend 30 minutes of pranayama and yoga, three to four times a week. This can easily be incorporated at home during leisure time.”

How Breathing Helps Break Down Fat

Furthermore, Jill Johnson, the creator of Oxycise, claims that “the more oxygen our bodies use, the more fat we will burn.” This is because fat is made up of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When oxygen is breathed in it reaches the fat molecules and breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. Then, as the blood picks up the carbon dioxide it sends it to the lungs to be breathed out.

The combination of good regular exercise and deep breathing can therefore safely be relied upon to lead to significant weight loss.

To see Ryosuke demonstrating his breathing techniques click on the following video:

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