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How To Early Detect Diabetes And Cure It

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent new epidemics in the world, and one of the fastest growing diseases. One of the main reasons for this is the unhealthy lifestyle and habits that are formed by modern living.

It is of immense importance that everyone is aware of the signs of type II diabetes, because the best way to avoid the disease is to make an early detection and engage in actions that will prevent the diabetes from developing.

The general term for these signs is ‘pre-diabetes’. The blood sugar levels are not yet on a full blown diabetes level, and can still be reversed.

So first, know the symptoms:

* Feeling thirsty even after drinking a lot

* Feeling weak even after resting for a sufficient amount of hours.

* Urinating more frequently, especially at night.

* Gaining weight despite no change in diet and even with

* Feeling hungry again minutes after eating.

* Skin infections take a very long time to heal.

* Blurred night vision.

How To Early Detect Diabetes And Cure It

Tests that help in early detection:

If you recognize in yourself two or more of these symptoms, then it is crucial that you get yourself tested to see if you are indeed on the path to diabetes. There are basically 2 tests you can take:

1. Fasting Plasma Glucose Test:

This test requires you to fast for about 8-10 hours. It would be best to give your blood sample in the early morning before breakfast. This test checks how well your body maintains glucose levels and interacts with it. If your results show that your blood glucose levels are between 100-125 ml/dl, then you are either pre-diabetic or already suffering from early diabetes. If the blood sugar levels are less than 100 ml/dl, then you are safe from the disease.

How To Early Detect Diabetes And Cure It

2. Oral Glucose Test

Two hours after your breakfast or lunch, the lab technician will take a blood sample. If the test results show your blood sugar level between 140-199 ml/dl, then you are pre-diabetic. If it is less than 140 – you are free from it.

Don’t panic if your test results reveal that you are a pre-diabetic, there are still ways to reverse the process.

How to Reverse the Symptoms of Diabetes:

Many will suggest you start taking medication to solve your pre-diabetes problem. While these medications will lower your blood-sugar levels, they are not a long-term solution. A long-term reversal of the symptoms requires:

1. Daily exercise:

If you have pre-diabetic symptoms, it’s crucial that you start exercising every day. This will help your muscles become less dependent on insulin, and will help maintain your blood sugar level. Put aside 30-45 minutes a day for exercise.

2. Watch your carb consumption.

To reverse the symptoms, cut down on your simple carbs, as the body will break them down to fats and energy that will be converted to fat. You need complex carbs like multi-grain bread, wheat bread, brown pasta, brown rice, and boiled potatoes. Exclude white bread, candy, chocolate, pasta, rice, cookies and cakes from your daily consumption.

3. Drink LOTS of water.

I can’t stress this enough – stay hydrated. You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to wash the toxins from your body through urination.

4. Change to a high fiber diet

Fiber doesn’t only bring down your blood sugar levels but will also help you lose weight. A high fiber diet with plenty of water will make you feel full without raising your blood sugar levels. Legumes, raw fruit and vegetables have a high amount of fiber in them.

5. Don’t Let Stress Get to You.

This may be the hardest one. You must avoid high stress levels if you wish to reverse your diabetes symptoms. Practice yoga, try meditating and get plenty of sleep.

These are the natural ways to fight early diabetes, and have no side effects. So make sure you stick to a healthy diet, daily exercise and watch what you eat to keep diabetes away.

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