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5 New Age Workouts That Will Completely Sort Out Your Fitness Goals

H Tired of the same boring workout? Going to the gym can get tedious and repeating the same set of exercises stops having an impact on the body. To liven up your workout routine, why don’t you try some of these new and some old school workouts instead. It’ll be a nice break and give you something to look forward to.

1. Bodhi suspension system

Want strength training equipment at home but don’t have enough room? Try the Bodhi Suspension System! Developed by Khita Whyatt and Kirsten Sell, this is one hell of a workout that includes two ropes suspended from the top creating four suspension points. So while you suspend your body on these ropes, it allows for greater strength, flexibility and balance, leaving you fitter, stronger and bursting with endorphins! This workout works on your balance, strengthening your arms, lower back and core!

2. Jukari fit to fly

This is the latest workout to have hit the gym circuit, and it will make your workouts feel like fun! This is a partnership between Reebok and Cirque de Soleil and will have you flying through the air and sweating like a pig!

How do you do it? Attach a 4 lb weighted trapeze bar comprising a series of loops to your gym’s ceiling. Attach your arms and legs into the loops of the bar and stretch, push, climb your way to fitness. Your moves will be trapeze like, being suspended in air defying gravity.

This workout is effective because a person’s core muscles work extra hard in the suspended position. This workout includes signature moves like “the Swing to Straddle jump”, “lunge with kick” and “hanging carousel to straddle” which are fun to try out.

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