Tuesday , May 28 2024

The Transformation Of Your Job From Day 1 To Day 101 In Hilarious Illustrations

Remember your first day on the job? Remember how conscious you were when you entered your boss’s cabin? You thought twice before talking to your colleagues. And for a good month, you were the first person to reach office along with the office peon.

Well, all that’s changed today. You’ve probably started hating your boss. You don’t care what your colleagues think. And you feel entering the office at noon is quite normal. This transformation is aptly showed by Karina Farek in these really relatable illustrations for College Humor.

Behold – here’s a distinction between your first day and your hundred and first day.

1. When you felt conscious doing even little things.

2. From ‘I’ll do everything’ to ‘I am only paid to do this much’

3. The evolution of your perception of the boss.

4. Some things never change!

5. Regarding when you get into office

6. Who takes notes these days?

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