Friday , January 24 2020


18 Clever Tiny Houses You Need To See To Believe

In an increasingly dense world, the importance of building right and sometimes, building small, have enormous advantages. Those with less means often find they must settle for less space. However, it is what they do with that space that really turns a potential house into a home. Here 18 creative …

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A Walk Through The World’s Biggest Ghost Town

Ordos, China, was created on one-sixth of China’s coal reserves, and was meant to attract almost 1 million people (which was later scaled back to 300,000) after having been built from scratch. But high property taxes and poor construction made it so that there is only around 100,000 people living …

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The World’s Tallest Statues

Statues are built as celebrations of gods, historical events and important personalities. The tallest reach the sky and make you take notice of what they are commemorating. They are also works of art, and some have taken years to build. Here are some of the grandest ones ever built. Statue …

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7 Iconic Indian Monuments That Were Built By Women

The formidable women from India’s past were never ones to be subdued, and their legacies speak volumes on the “substance” that defines a woman of India. Take out time to explore these wonders across the country on your next bout of travel. 1. Itimad-ud-daulah, Agra Move over, Taj Mahal! This …

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