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The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

What do you call the cars? Is it a transport vehicle, a transport aid tool or a giant monster? Any name is correct, only it must match the user’s function. For example, a motorbike we call it a vehicle, a truck is a transport tool and a giant monster is probably the greatest machine on the planet. We often think the containers are so big, there’s no bigger one. But please sir, it is still nothing compared to the world’s largest cars that we will introduce to you and you in the following article.

Each type of vehicle will have a unique function and advantages, but in general, the size of the giant they have a part of wear and tear. Here are some of the most awesome motor vehicles you have never seen before, and there is even a very small chance you will see them in real life. Therefore, please admire their super huge size through the following article!

1) Dodge Power Wagon

The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

This is a semi-truck, it is a model of the Dodge Power Wagon in the 1950s. It can be said that it is the largest car ever produced in this car. 8 times larger than the original Dodge, it was estimated to weigh more than 50 tons and contained four rooms: bedroom, living room, bathroom and terrace.

The title it holds as well as the car’s quirks are given by billionaire Sheikh Hamad in the UAE. It’s hard to believe but this car is real. It has even been bought and used by Saudi billionaire Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

2) Bagger 288

The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

You may not know, not only giant in size but this monster is also known as the most expensive excavator in the world compared to the market today. Previously, specifically before 1978, the title of the world’s largest car was in the hands of NASA with the weight of the car up to 3 thousand tons. But now, as you can see, it has been overtaken by the Bagger 288 machine from Germany.

Are you curious about the details of this giant monster? For admin to reveal a little bit, it took 5 years for people to plan this car, then it took another 5 years to complete it. The length of Bagger 288 is up to 220 meters, height of 96 meters, weighs 13,000 500 tons and is encapsulated on a system of 12 crawlers. It is used for coal mining, Hambach ore mine in Germany. Each ivory it produces 240,000 tons of coal, equivalent to a football field about 30 meters wide.

3) Caterpillar 797B

The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

Say don’t be sad if you stand next to the Caterpillar 797B monster – this motorized highway motor vehicle you are just an ant standing next to the elephant. It was terrible, guys. With a length of 14.5 meters, a height of up to 7.5 meters and a weight of 345 tons it will occupy your entire lane.

This is the second generation model of the Caterpillar 797 mechanical truck line, which is specially manufactured for high-end mining and heavy industry. This is exactly one of the largest cars in the world that you have never known.

4) Crawler Transporter

The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

This is a vehicle running on this chain extremely terrible, its weight is 2,721 tons. It has 8 tracks, each with up to 57 links and each weighing 900 kg. This monster has a length of nearly 40 meters, a width of nearly 50 meters and a height between 6.1 meters and 8 meters. It is rated as one of the largest vehicles on the planet.

It is even more amazing to use up to 16 engines and 30 people including engineers, technicians and maintenance and control staff at the same time to make it work, not kidding. It is hard to believe that this monster still exists today.

5) BelAZ 75710

The Top 10 Biggest Cars In The World

For this car you do not need to look at its full size, just by looking at the wheels (8 wheels), you can imagine how terrible this car is. To see what is the specific number of it? Her length is 20.6 meters, which is equivalent to the length of two double-decker buses combined. Width 9.87 meters and higher than 8 meters.

The main designer of BelAZ 75710 is Leonid Trukhnov. He said the machine weighs 360 tons, more than the Airbus A380 passenger plane. The total capacity of the car up to 4,600 horsepower – rated as the largest of any vehicle.

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