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The 16 Most Beautiful Ferraris Of All Times

The name ‘Ferrari’ conjures up all sorts of images. The company have been at the forefront of luxury sports car design for nearly 70 years and their historical fleet vehicles – often finished in the company’s signature red – includes some of the most beautiful designs ever to hit the road. In this article, you can see a number of the greatest Ferrari models produced since the company started making road vehicles back in 1947, and you can also learn about the history of this iconic automobile brand.

Ferrari 125 S (the first ever road Ferrari – 1947)

Enzo Ferrari founded the road vehicle manufacturing company back in 1947, although the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix Motor Racing Team had been in existence since 1929. Enzo was a racing driver by trade and he was known for being a durable and spiky character. In 1919, while driving to a race in Italy, he became trapped by a snowstorm and had to chase off a pack of wolves that attacked him and a friend. He still made the race and competed. He was not initially interested in the idea of producing road cars but after the war he established a factory in his local town, Maranello, that has produced road-worthy Ferraris ever since.

Ferrari I66 MM Touring Barchetta (1949)

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