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Most Extreme Snow Vehicles Ever Created

Many vehicles will be grinding to a halt this winter – the roads will be too slippery or the snow just too thick. Snow and ice is the enemy of any winter traveller and we have been trying to find ways of conquering it ever since motoring began

This Nissan Maxima

Russia can get a little chilly during winter, so it’s no wonder her citizens have begun taking the snow situation into their own hands. This badass monster car was created using a Nissan Maxima for the main cockpit, and all the outer appearance and the suspension characteristics were designed and built using home computer 3D modelling software.

The Hyanide

Sometimes referred to as a ‘tank-motorcycle’, the Hyanide is a bike, snowmobile, 4 X 4 hybrid, which means you could potentially ride it all the way from Patagonia to Alaska. The Hyanide’s tread is built from 77 plastic segments covered in tyre rubber, which are linked together by the same material used to make bulletproof vests – kevlar. Due to the fact only a small part of the tread needs to be touching the ground, it would be almost impossible to get stuck.

The Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle (BIV)

Originally known as the Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV), this was developed to help with research on the Moon Regan TransAntarctic Expedition in 2009. The aim was to complete a transantarctic crossing and also to gather data on the performance of biofuels and humans under extreme conditions. Having completed the trip, it continues to pioneer the way for heavier support vehicles to enter the Antarctic.

The Lockheed LC-130

This plane is used by the US military for missions in the Arctic and Antarctic and has retractable skis in order to land in snow and ice. It also has rocket-assisted take-off and is therefore the perfect vehicle for getting out of the snow, fast!

Michal Bonikowski’s Snowmobile Concept

Vast white landscapes can give you the impression of being on the moon, so why shouldn’t it feel like you’re travelling in a spaceship? This futuristic snowmobile concept design from Michal Bonikowski – modelled on a shard of ice – offers the comfort and protection of a fully enclosed cockpit, and is perfect for staying dry whilst looking slick in any winter setting.

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