Tuesday , August 21 2018

Shahrukh Khan

Crazy Animals Found In South America

We recently got back from South America and we saw some crazy animals during our adventures! I shared one post earlier, and there were so many animals that I couldn’t have posted them all in one article! So here is round 2 of the cool things we saw in South …

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11 Ways To Get Someone Out Of Your Head

Have you ever been in a situation where you just can’t stop thinking about someone. Do you also constantly think of the pain they caused you? It certainly affects your mental peace. However, do not underestimate your mind. It has the potential to do a lot more than you can …

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These 10 Things To Forget In Life While Growing Old

When we were kids, we were taught certain things that we believed, easily. As we grew up, we realised that half of those things weren’t even true and the other half, we probably forgot. But today is a different day and it’s time we factor in the useless life lessons …

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9 Things We Must Know About Deep Thinkers

Nobody is born a deep thinker, but as life happens, we evolve. Some of us are not all about thoughts, while others can do little else. However, a deep thinker can be many things other than what they are perceived to be. Here are some things deep thinkers would want …

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Simple Tricks To Propose A College Senior

Here’s How You Can Propose A College Senior Without Looking Stupid Propose a college senior – Do get your stomach in knots whenever that special senior bursts in your sight? Well, ideally, you should confess about your feelings to him keeping aside the inhibitions because you can’t trade him for …

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