Saturday , August 24 2019

Shahrukh Khan

20 Amazing Vintage Photos Of USA From 1950s

The 1950s were a golden era in US history, and for many, they were a time of prosperity and happiness. Below, you’ll find 20 rare photographs that were taken in this wonderful decade, many of which were picked up at auctions and yard sales. We can’t believe how much has …

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3D Glass Animals Paintings By Yosman Botero Gomez

Glass paintings are quite an unusual and intriguing phenomenon in itself, but wait until you see what incredible detail and precision painter Yosman Botero Gómez can achieve by creating 3D paintings of animals on plexiglass. The artist creates the illusion of dimension by overlapping several precisely-placed layers of plexiglass attached …

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25 Largest Insects Ever Found In World

We are in a constant battle to keep the bugs in the garden out of our homes. These bugs will make you triple your efforts. Scattered all across the globe, these insects are the largest, heaviest, or longest of their kind, with gloriously massive wings or even terrifying 1-inch stingers …

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16 Most Beautiful Ferraris Made In Last 70 Years

The name ‘Ferrari’ conjures up all sorts of images. The company has been at the forefront of luxury sports car design for nearly 70 years and it’s historical fleet vehicles – often finished in the company’s signature red – include some of the most beautiful designs ever to hit the …

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11 Most Weirdest Car Customizations In The World

For many of us, cars are a tool, a means to get around efficiently. But for others, cars are the ultimate form of self-expression. Some people show who they are through a unique paint job, others make do with vanity plates, and yet others pile modification upon modification on their …

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14 Animals That Look Cute In Hats

I can’t believe these animals look better in hats than I do. No justice in this world, but there ARE some adorable photos! Feast your eyes on some animal kingdom fashion at its best, as these animals of all shapes and sizes try on their best headwear. A beautiful kitty …

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