Friday , April 3 2020

Shahrukh Khan

11 Cutest Animal Wedding Pictures To Make Your Day

Pets dressed up in costumes will always be cute to look at… but pets wearing bridal or grooms wear? Now that is something you’re not going to want to miss. Check out our favorite animal-wedding pics collection. 1. The purrfect couple. 2. Let’s cut the cake already! 3. 10 years …

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Why Do New Diseases Keep Appearing In China

You’ve likely heard that the coronavirus epidemic had probably started in an exotic animal market in Wuhan, China, with the first victims of the virus catching it from one of the animals. What most people don’t remember, however, is that the 2003 SARS epidemic started in an eerily similar fashion. …

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Photographer Captures 16 Most Beautiful Pictures Of Norway

Few countries in the world can boast as many breathtaking landscape as Norway. From spectacular fjords, to the mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and Northern Lights, this incredible country perfectly embodies the astounding beauty of nature. Here are 16 glorious photos of Norway captured by photographer Paul Edmundson. 1. Sunset by the …

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Let’s Compare These 25 Unique Real-Life Pictures

Nothing really puts things in perspective better than taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Many natural events become clearer when seen in comparison to the relative. What is a drop of water in comparison to an ocean? How big is the magnificent blue whale beside a …

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Kangaroo – The Most Aggressive Animal In The World

Kangaroos have never been, and will never be as cute as you think. People have listed many animals with different records, the blue whale is the largest in the world, jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula is almost immortal, and Cheetah is the fastest running species. But if there is a poll to …

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Explore The Celestial Secret About Egyptian Mummies

Over the centuries, many Egyptian mummies are still intact with many unexpected secrets that have been deciphered by experts. The process of embalming the ancient Egyptians is considered quite scary. To leave the mummies intact after centuries, the ancients carried out mummification for 70 days. One of the most noticeable …

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