Wednesday , February 20 2019

Shahrukh Khan

Tips On Avoiding Being A Target For Criminals

It only takes 7 seconds for a criminal to choose their potential victim. During this time they assess the person walking in their direction and all of the possible risks. In the 1980s a study was conducted in order to figure out how criminals chose their victims. To do this, …

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5 Fantastic Breakfast Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Is there a better way to express how much you care and love your sweetheart first thing in the morning than by preparing a creative and delicious breakfast for them? Of course there isn’t, and that’s exactly the reason why we decided to create a compilation of these 5 breakfast …

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Read The 9 Reasons For Shoulder Pain

When it comes to shoulder pain, there could be a number of reasons. It may range from a pulled muscle to a rotator -cuff tear, to a heart attack, and even lung cancer. Here is what you need to be on the lookout for: Fractured collarbone Fractures of the collarbone …

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The Top 19 Most Expensive Cats Around The World

There are more than 250 different breeds of domestic cat (Felis catus) out there, but most of us don’t know too much about these variations, except that they are all lovely. Nor do we spend a lot of money acquiring our family pet (though vet’s bills are a different story!). …

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Realistic Cake Making Is An Amazing Art

Is there anything a good cake can’t fix? There’s a reason we celebrate with cakes. They aren’t only an explosion of sugary goodness – they look gorgeous too. When you have a good baker, cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. When you have a baker who is also …

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