Friday , December 6 2019

Jeevan Rathore

What Will Happen If Pokemons Start Hunting You Back?

If you’re going crazy these days to catch Pokemons, then this video will give you a surprise! Imagine, you are hunting for a Pokemon using your phone, and suddenly a real-life Pokemon character hits you back with a giant Pokeball. Wouldn’t it be terrifying? Well, this video campaign titled ‘Pokemon …

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This Bra Fence Spurred Some Controversy

One night between Christmas and New Year’s back in 1999, four women returning from a party (in high spirits and silly moods, no doubt) decided to leave a little “present” for drivers on the side of the road. That was, at least, the hypothesis put forth when four bras were …

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11 Ways You Can Get Your Shit Together

The trick to getting your shit together is to not consider it as shit. There’s life, and it gets messy. All you’ve to do is keep your head up, and not let problems get bigger than you. Here’s a guide for anybody who thinks their problems are the end of …

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