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10 Most Healthy Herbs You Can Grow At Home

Herbs are some of the best things you can grow around your house and garden. They are easier to grow than many kinds of vegetables and fruits and yet they can be just as healthy and tasty to eat. The following list is comprised of 10 of the easiest, healthiest …

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14 Plants And Their Surprising Transformations

If you love gardening and have plenty of plants in your home and garden, you’re often facing this dilemma: should you or should not free up the pot and throw away that struggling plant that’s been looking all sad and withered for a while now? We say, ‘Give it another …

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The 15 Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World

Every gardener wants their garden to be eye-catching, but the people in charge of these gardens took things to the next level! In this video, you will go on a tour around the world’s 15 most over-the-top gorgeous gardens. From Italy to Brazil, the lush greenery and magical flowerbeds will …

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6 Useful Winter Gardening Tips For Your Plants

The benefits of having houseplants are many. They improve the indoor air quality and can even help deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder as they help our brains feel more content and comfortable. As wonderful as indoor plants are, they, too, have to endure several challenges of the various seasons. The …

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6 Ways Your Plants Try To Communicate With You

Gardening and caring for our plants would be so much easier if our plants could only talk, and tell us exactly what they need, when. But, as this is obviously not the case, it doesn’t mean that they are not communicating with us. Rather than saying it out loud, they …

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