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These Funny Spoiled Cats Are Living A Great Life

Some people think of cats as the more low-maintenance pet. After all, they don’t require daily walks and are known for their independence. The owners of the cats depicted in the collection below would beg to differ. These cats are some of the most spoiled little furballs we’ve ever seen. …

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18 Adorable Cats That Love Christmas Festival

Christmas, as the saying goes, is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. However, if you think that it’s only us humans who get excited about Christmas then it’s time to think again, as here are 18 photos which show that cats enjoy Christmas (especially Christmas Trees) just as much …

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15 Hilarious Shaming Photos Of Naughty Pets

We all love our pets and will be the first to say that all pets are beautiful angels who make us smile every day. However, our pets do not always meet the high expectations we have of them, and when boredom and stubbornness strike, they, too, are known to be …

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Cutest And Funny Cats To Make Your Day

You know, today started rough. I got up all woozy, ran out of toothpaste and was late to work. But then I remembered it was Cat Day, and that these minor irritations will never surpass the mighty joy I get collecting and sharing the best fluffy and funny cat photos …

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Sad Cats Waiting For Their Owner At The Window

Many say cats don’t miss us when we’re gone. But as a cat owner myself, I have plenty of anecdotal evidence, from my cats and hearing from others, that have convinced me they sure do miss us. From little headbutts in the morning to affectionate purring when I come home, …

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Cats Look Really Adorable In Sweaters

There’s not much that’s cuter than a fluffy kitty. But if you want to supercharge those adorable qualities, why not put a sweater on the little thing? But beware, the cumulative power of cuteness might be more than you can handle!

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