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15 Daily Life Problems That Your Cat Is Facing

Most of us think cats are lazy animals. After all, what do they do apart from eating, sleeping, and lazing around all day? Turns out, they have some surprisingly profound thoughts and you would be amazed by the countless issues they face every day. We have some ‘confessions’ from them …

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15 Hilarious Things Only Cat Owners Face

There is a reason why cats are stereotyped as being annoying and selfish. As any cat owner will know, cats can develop some really obnoxious and strange habits at times, although, of course, they don’t mean to offend you at all. Yes, we’re talking about the midnight cat race on …

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14 Animals That Look Cute In Hats

I can’t believe these animals look better in hats than I do. No justice in this world, but there ARE some adorable photos! Feast your eyes on some animal kingdom fashion at its best, as these animals of all shapes and sizes try on their best headwear. A beautiful kitty …

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The Cutest Munchkin Cat With Unique ‘Skull’ Nose

Meet Albert. He’s an Instagram famous munchkin cat with beautiful blue eyes and adorable attitude. Let’s take a glimpse into his unusual Instafamous life… Some days Albert is a homebody and likes to stay in. On other days he likes to take his scooter out but always remembers to wear …

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