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Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Natural wonders embrace the sublime power and the impermanence of nature. Waterfalls are one of the wonders of nature for mankind. The force of a waterfall can create a valley in the mountains, shape the world’s greatest canyons and even power our grid. Admire 10 amazing waterfalls all over the …

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The Animal Kingdom Comes Alive in Stunning Photography

The Wild Beauty of Exotic Animals Nature is filled with animals; some are majestic, some colorful, some bizarre, some cute, but all wonderful in their own way. Along with the more common animals, we can find more exotic species, with unique colors, pelts, shapes and sizes. These exotic animals are …

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New Zealand’s South Island Is Heaven On Earth

During my travels throughout the world, I would rank New Zealand as my favorite place on Earth, the sights and wonders of the South Island have to be seen to be believed. Hidden beaches, grand mountain vistas, spectacular lakes and rustic buildings all add to the charm of this paradise.

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