Wednesday , February 28 2024

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18 Adorable Animals To Make Your Day Orangish

We’ve always heard that being redheaded is a personality trait, and because it’s a hair color you don’t see often, redheads stand out wherever they go. However, it turns out that red-headedness also exists in the animal kingdom, both in familiar animals and those that are unknown and interesting. Check …

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12 Toxic Thinking Patterns That Increase Stress

As Stanford neuroscience professor David Eagleman once wisely pointed out, “Consciousness is like a broom closet in the mansion of our brain.” This is to highlight that the vast majority of our thoughts are subconscious and unconscious. Unfortunately, some of the subconscious thinking patterns people have can be quite harmful. …

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Malaysian Artist Makes Extremely Realistic Art

When it comes to art, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Here to prove this statement is 51-year-old Malaysian artist Eddie Putera, who creates stunning miniature dioramas. Putera combines his talents of miniature modeling and photography to create scenes so detailed that it’s hard to believe they are all hand-made …

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