Monday , April 15 2024

8 Ways In Which You Can Help Yourself In Coping With Depression

With so much being written and said about depression, do we really know what it actually is?

These days teenagers or young adults get ‘depressed’ when their relationship fails or they don’t get a job of their choice, but we fail to understand that depression is much more than getting upset over something that won’t matter in another 15 days.

For those who are dealing with this deadly disease, which su*ks up all your happiness and positivity in your life, here are a few ways to help you cope up with it:

1. Get some Sun.

Expose yourself to sunlight at least 15 minutes of every day.

Sunlight is known to boost your mood and that might just make you feel a lot better. Be it a morning jog or gardening or hiking or taking a stroll outside during your lunch break, it will surely help you feel a bit better.

2. Reach out to people.

When you are depressed, you tend to withdraw and isolate yourself by cutting off from friends, family and the outside world in general.

However, you must realize that it is important to reach out to people to heal the pain that you are going through for it will only uplift your mood and spirit.

Be it in the form of talking to a friend or anyone who you think understands you better or joining a class or volunteering in a social event, being around people will certainly do the required healing.

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