Saturday , March 25 2023

6 Steps To Free Yourself From The Struggle Of New Age Dieting

Well your body is a temple only if you treat it like one and not be a guinea pig! The new age diet mantras actually play with our minds and are not good for health in long term. What we need is to make lifestyle changes instead of experimenting with something new every week. Here are a few ways you can transform your lifestyle into a healthy one, and not fall for the modern day diet traps.

1. Keep it simple

Eat what is required. Today, the word diet means starving oneself to reduce weight and it’s the worst thing that you can do to yourself. But being healthy is not a temporary thing, rather it should be a way of life. It is advisable to view health as a permanent thing in your life and instead of going on different diets every week, try and incorporate healthy habits in your life and eat everything in moderation.

2. Keep yourself motivated

Getting slim should not be the only motivation, rather raise that bar and tell yourself that there is lot to do in life and for that you need to be fit and healthy. Raise the health goals regularly and then push yourself harder. Don’t wait till you’re sick to value your health!

3. Change your values about healthy eating

Being healthy doesn’t mean only eating fat free food or avoiding chocolates and foods that are naturally high in fat. Rather you should eat healthy fats, eat whole foods as much as possible and pay attention to your body needs carefully rather than counting calories all the time.

4. Find out what’s holding you back

It’s very important to accept yourself first and be completely honest towards your health. Self acceptance is the key to work towards your goal. Don’t strive to create a perfect body according to the society norms, rather accept yourself the way you are and make changes in lifestyle rather than focusing only on losing weight.

5. Pay attention to your body

We all have a unique body and we need to listen to it and make our food choices accordingly. The easiest way to do this is to keep a food log. Record what you eat and how you feel after each meal so that you can pick and choose the food that helps you feel good.

6. Take action

Only talking about it is not going to work, so the last step is to take action. The best way to do is to take baby steps, set goals so that you can incorporate healthy behavior in your lifestyle. Be realistic in your goals don’t give-up everything at once. Set goals that you can start from now, that are achievable in a specific time frame.

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