Friday , June 9 2023

The Happiest Tortoise Alive

Animals are spotted mating by stunned photographer – and look far from camera-shy
Ever stumbled across a pair of tortoises mating? This photographer has, and won’t be forgetting it for a while.
Paul Williams is a Bristol-based producer and director who has worked at the BBC Natural History Unit since 2002 and was on a trip in Karoo, South Africa when he came across this bizarre scene.
He has filmed in more than 30 countries, but this encounter in the Karoo was certainly one of his most memorable.
The 120 pound beasts seemed to be enjoying their moment of intimacy and didn’t appear too bothered by the lurking photographer.

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  1. Vishal Sharma


    They are not happy only, they are doing fun they are doing s**.

    Thanks & Regards

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