Wednesday , June 29 2022

The First Life Experiences Of Adorable Puppies

Puppies Doing Things for the First Time

A little puppy is not much different from a baby. They are both small, curious, and unbelievably cute! These pictures of puppies discovering and doing things for the first time is a wonderful reminder that we should all enjoy every moment we live and everything we do, just we did for the first time. I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I did, and that they will bring a smile to your face and to all the people you love.

First time in the car on the way back from the shelter.

First breakfast in bed, or actually bed in breakfast.

First hot date.

First yoga class.

First job.

First fast food experience.

First time playing out in autumn.

First belly rub.

First swimming lesson.

First time being allowed on the couch.

First hug from grandpa.

First time going to the toilet to keep his owner company.

First new baby brother and first grumpy face.

First time going down the stairs.

First time in the playground.

First time caught doing something you are not supposed to do.

First favorite toy.

First time “driving”.

First time getting bored…

First Monday.

First ball.

First destroyed pair of shoes.

First time meeting the other family baby.

First time at the beach.

First bed, she will grow into it…

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