Tuesday , June 28 2022

Baby Rhino Found In Indian Forest Nursed Back To Health

Baby Rhino Found in Indian Forest Nursed Back to Health

A 12-day-old baby rhinoceros is being bottle-fed by keepers at a wildlife rehabilitation center in northeast ‪#‎India‬ after being found alone in a remote forest region.
The rhino calf was found lying in a stream and abandoned by his mother in the Bagori forest range in India’s famous tea-growing state of Assam.
Dehydrated and in distress, the calf, a greater one-horned rhino, was brought to the nearby Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, which cares for orphaned or displaced wild animals.
Staff have been hand-raising the rhino, bottle-feeding him milk replacement powder and vitamin supplements and allowing him to interact with other calves to reduce stress.

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