Monday , April 15 2024

A Woman Who Dyed Her Pet Dogs As Pandas

Woman Who Dyed Her Pet Dogs as Pandas Responses that the Coloring is No Harm

A ‪Singaporean‬ woman who has made headlines last week by dying her Chow Chow ‪dogs‬ to look like ‪‎pandas‬ hits back at her critics who have accused her of being cruel to the animals.
The owner, Meng Jiang, argues that “the coloring is 100% organic” and will not damage the health of her pups.

“My pets are my babies and I make sure to keep them comfortable. They go for grooming every 10 days where they get proper wash and hair trimming. They also get eye check-ups, nails trimmed, ears and teeth cleaning,” Meng said.

Meng was spotted walking her dogs late last week down a busy street in Singapore, and she has received many doubts on her treatment to the white chow chows, saying that she is putting the dog’s health at risk.

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