Sunday , June 16 2024

A Flock Of Orange Sheep

Yes, farmer sprays flock of sheep orange to discourage thieves

If you happen to encounter a flock of sheep roaming around in sheer luminous orange skin, don’t panic. It is a preventive measure against sheep raiders.

A farmer in Cumbria, northwest England, has deliberately sprayed his entire flock of sheep orange to stop thieves. Pip, the farmer, said that the only way to stop them from being stolen is to make sure his sheep will stand out from the crowd.

Over 300 have been stolen in the last four years, Pip said. And now, with his unique flock of sheep, the farmer expects anyone who has an eye on his flock will think twice.

The color paint can last for at least 12 months. “There’s no chemicals. It won’t harm them,” Pip said.

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